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This M. Tech. Course is related to Wastewater Management along with Health and Safety Engineering. The Waste products generating in our present Society, are generally either in the form of Liquid or Solid or Gaseous forms. In this Course, the Student will study on generation of waste, its handling process, Transfer, Transport and Treatment techniques required to be used, with its Safe Disposal methods, without affecting the surrounding Environment.

The Waste is a substance or a by-product produced from many sources like – Human/Animal, Industries, Community, Agriculture, Hospitals, R & D activities, Pharmaceuticals, etc. These wastes are hazardous and sensitive in nature and create serious problems to Public Health and Environment.    

This course deals with the techniques of proper management of such wastes systematically. The Course possess huge scope with high Job opportunities in many industries like, Sugar industries, Distillery, Dairy, Thermal Power plant, City Corporations, Solid waste management and Smart City Projects, Water supply and Waste water Management in Rural and Urban areas. The Course also possess Consultancy and Entrepreneurial opportunities across the globe.

Who Can opt for this Course/Eligibility Criteria for Admission:
1. PGCET/Management Seat. 
2. 50% Aggregate marks in B. E. in Civil/Environmental/Biotechnology/Chemical/Construction Tech.
3. AMIE in appropriate Branch or GATE Qualified.


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